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Childhood Rickets In Coxs Bazar 2010

Childhood Rickets In Coxs Bazar : 2010 [ Download 7.43 MB, PDF ]

Childhood Rickets in Coxs Bazar 2009

Childhood Rickets in Cox's Bazar : 2009 [ Download 7.43 MB, PDF ]

Childhood Rickets In Coxs bazar 2008

Childhood Rickets In Cox's bazar 2008 [ Download 3.06 MB, PDF ]

Prevention of Rickets through Nutrition Project-2008-2010

Prevention of Rickets through Nutrition Project : 2008-2010 [ Download 7.43 MB, PDF ]


SARPV Resource Document on Rickets

Research Report : Childhood Rickets in Bangladesh-2009 , Childhood Rickets in Bangladesh- 2008 , International Conference on Rickets- 2006

Manual : Rickets Prevention ( modified in 2010), Rickets Rogh Protirodohe Bangladesh- Sasthokarmi Shohayika-2007

Booklet/ Pamphlet/ Brochure: Rickets Prevention and Treatment( published in 2009)

Annual Report on Rickets

Rickets Report Rickets is one of the major causes to make the children disabled which is curable and preventable. SARPV Bangladesh has been working to prevent the disorder using nutritional therapy with the support of UNICEF. The awareness program has been going on with different groups of stakeholders at different levels including local level communities and GO-NGOs officials and health department personnel etc.
[ Download | PDF | 388 KB ]

Bangla Booklet on Rickets

UNICEF and SARPV Bangladesh jointly published Bangla booklet on Rickets for public awaness. The booklet is available in online as PDF version. [ Downlad2.55 MB, PDF ]


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